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Pokemon Vulpix | Pokemon Sword and Shield | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Vulpix | Pokemon Sword | Pokemon Shield | Nintendo Switch

Vulpix is a Fox Pokémon with a red-brown pelt. Its eyes, ears and nose are brown; and its paws have a darker color. Vulpix also has three curled locks of orange fur on its head and some orange tails with curled tips. Apparently, this Pokémon only has one tail when it is born. But, as soon as it grows up, that tail splits and several new tails are sprouted. It is mostly seen with six tails. These tails then become hot when Vulpix approaches evolution. This happens since there is a flame inside its body that never goes out. So, Vulpix will expel flame from its mouth to maintain its body temperature when its surrounding becomes hot. Vulpix is able to create floating wisps of flame by manipulating fire. These floating wisps are used to help Vulpix catches its prey. When Vulpix meets an enemy much stronger that itself, Vulpix will feign injury as a way to flee from that opponent. Vulpix is mostly seen in grassy plains.

Different from Kantonian Vulpix, Alolan Vulpix has a snowy white pelt. Its paws are pale blue; and its eyes and ears are blue. Just like the non-Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Vulpix also has locks of hair on its head and six tails. Yet, they are curlier. Alolan Vulpix is said to avoid other Pokémon by moving to snow-capped mountain. That’s why this Vulpix has a snowy white pelt as a way to adapt itself in snowy mountain peaks. After long years in the ever-snowcapped mountains of Alola, this Vulpix has gained power over ice. It has an ability to freeze anything by expelling breath as cold as -58°F. When Alolan Vulpix is in warmer environments, its tail will produce ice to make the surrounding cold. Alolan Vulpix’s natural predator is Weavile.

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