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Pokemon Rufflet | Pokemon Sword and Shield | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Rufflet | Pokemon Sword | Pokemon Shield | Nintendo Switch

Rufflet is an Eaglet Pokémon with a blue, small avian body. It has a red-and-white large feather extending from its forehead, white plume of feathers covering its head, three tail feathers extending from its lower back, feathery ruff covering the upper third of its body, a short and wide beak, large eyes, large feet with four digits each, and thick, black talons on its feet. The talons it has are so strong that even can crush the hardest berries and crack Shellder to consume their insides. Besides, Rufflet is known as an extremely combative Pokémon from birth. If it spies a strong Pokémon, Rufflet can't resist challenging it to a battle, even if it is its own parent. This Pokémon does so as a way to get acceptance and quickly getting stronger.

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