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Pokemon Qwilfish | Pokemon Sword and Shield | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Qwilfish | Pokemon Sword | Pokemon Shield | Nintendo Switch

Qwilfish is a Balloon Pokémon that has a spherical body and a flat tail shaped like a paddle. It also has puffy pink lips, and its body is covered with sharp, conical spikes developed from scales. Qwilfish swallows as much water as it can to inflate its round body, probably it’s over 2.6 gallons of water. That is the first thing that this Pokémon did before shooting poisonous quills at its adversaries using the water pressure inside its body, causing the opponents faint. Besides, though Qwilfish lives in water, this Pokémon is not good at swimming because of its round body. It will also be harder for Qwilfish to swim when its body filled with water.

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