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Pokemon Nidoking | Pokemon HOME | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Nidoking | Pokemon HOME | Nintendo Switch

Nidoking is a Poison and Ground type Pokémon. Its weaknesses are Water, Ice, Ground and Psychic type Pokémon.

Nidoking has 1.4 m height and 62.0 kg weight with male gender. It belongs to Drill Pokémon category. Its Poison Point ability makes contacting with this Pokémon may poison the attacker, while its Rivalry ability makes the Pokémon becomes competitive and deals more damage to Pokémon of the same gender, but deals less to Pokémon of the opposite gender.

Nidoking’s thick tail has enormously destructive power. With just one swing, it can topple a metal transmission tower. Once it gets angry, no one can stop it.

Nidoking doesn’t have any other form. Nidoking evolved from Nidorino, which evolved from Nidoran ♂.

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