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Pokemon Jumpluff | Pokemon HOME | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Jumpluff | Pokemon HOME | Nintendo Switch

Jumppluff is a Grass and Flying type Pokémon. Its weaknesses are Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying and Rock type Pokémon.

Jumpluff has 0.8 m height and 3.0 kg weight with possible male or female gender. It belongs to Cottonweed Pokémon category. Its Chlorophyll ability boosts this Pokémon’s Speed stat in harsh sunlight, while its Leaf Guard ability prevents status conditions in harsh sunlight.

Jumpluff flies to cross the sea with warm southern winds to go to foreign lands. This Pokémon descends to the ground when it encounters cold air.

Jumpluff doesn’t have any other form. Jumpluff evolved from Skiploom, which evolved from Hoppip.

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