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Pokemon Crawdaunt | Pokemon Sword and Shield | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Crawdaunt | Pokemon Sword | Pokemon Shield | Nintendo Switch

Crawdaunt is a Rogue Pokémon that resembles a lobster with a star-shaped growth on its forehead. It is a brutish Pokémon that loves to battle, making other Pokémon do not want to live in its territory. If there is any foe approaches its nest, this Pokémon will toss the foe out of its pond using its large pincers. Crawdaunt who have engaged in a lot of battles will have scars covered its shell. This shell will molt regularly and it will be soft after that. So, in order to protect itself in this state, Crawdaunt will burrow under stream beds until the new shell hardens. Crawdaunt will also become timid if its large pincers fall off. Yet, when those pincers grow back, Crawdaunt will regain its power. It is said to be extremely hard to raise.

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