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Pokemon Clefairy | Pokemon Sword and Shield | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Clefairy | Pokemon Sword | Pokemon Shield | Nintendo Switch

Clefairy is a Fairy Pokémon that apparently is an extraterrestrial Pokémon. It has a chubby, vaguely star-shaped body, a tuft of fur curling over its forehead, two large, pointed ears, and a pair of tiny, butterfly-shaped wings on its back. As these wings are too small, this adorable Pokémon is not able to fly. Yet, Clefairy can store moonlight in these wings that makes it be able to float. Actually, Clefairy is very timid and rarely shows itself to human. However, on rare occasions, you can find it coming down from its mountain home, dancing under a full moon’s light. When this happens, the surrounding area is enveloped in a magnetic field. Clefairy won’t dance in a long time. It will go back to its home once the sun begins to rise.

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