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Pokemon Basculin | Pokemon Sword and Shield | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Basculin | Pokemon Sword | Pokemon Shield | Nintendo Switch

Basculin is a Hostile Pokémon with a fish body. There are 2 forms of this Pokémon: Red-Striped and Blue-Striped Forms. Both of them possess an identical body, except the color of the stripe on it, the fins, and the eyes. Just like its name, the main difference between the two forms is in the stripe that separates the black and green on their body: Red-Stripe Form has a red stripe, while Blue-Stripe Form has a blue stripe. The eyes of the Red-Stripe Basculin are also red and circular, while the Blue-Stripe possess narrower, blue eyes. The location of the fins on both of those forms are same, yet the fins of the Red-Striped Form are jagged and resemble tridents, while the Blue-Striped has smooth fins all around its body.

Though the two forms have a slight difference in appearance, both of them are extremely hostile, especially towards their opposite form. The Red- and Blue-Striped Basculin often fights against each other over territory. Yet, you will see them swimming together on rare occasions. Pokémon other than Corphish and Crawdaunt will run away when there are groups of Basculin appear in the lake. This happens as Basculin will devour everything in its way using its jaws, making it called as “the thug of the lake. However, even though Basculin is feared by other Pokémon, stronger organisms usually prey on it. Basculin has such a delicious taste that makes it consumed by humans. The Blue-Striped Form has an inoffensive, light flavor and used to be a common food source; whereas the Red-Striped Form has fatty meat and often appeared on the dinner table in the past. Carvanha is Basculin’s rival in looking for food.

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