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Pokemon Venusaur | Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Venusaur | Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu | Pokemon Lets Go Eevee | Nintendo Switch

Venusaur absorbs solar energy as nutrition. It often remains quiet and still when it is catching the sun's rays. Venusaur fills its body with power by spreading the broad petals of its flower and catching the sun's rays. It is also able to convert sunlight into energy, making Venusaur more powerful in the summertime. It's most distinguishable feature is none other than a large flower on it's back. The flower on Venusaur's back is said to take on vivid colors if it gets plenty of nutrition and sunlight.

In order to support its flower, which has grown larger due to Mega Evolution, Venusaur's back and legs have become stronger. After a rainy day, the flower on its back smells stronger and it automatically attracts other Pokémon. The flower's aroma soothes the emotions of people around Venusaur as well. Beneath its soothing appearance, Mega Venusaur is truly a recognizable foe, especially on battle at daylight.

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