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Pokemon Ivysaur | Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Ivysaur | Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu | Pokemon Lets Go Eevee | Nintendo Switch

Ivysaur carries what seemingly to be a bud everywhere it goes. The bud on Ivysaur’s back grows by drawing energy. It gives off an aroma when it is ready to bloom. Trainers are well aware that if the bud on Ivysaur’s back starts to smell sweet, it is evidence that a large flower is bound to sprout from it. It’s swollen back is also indicating the beginning of the blossoming process. Carrying the aforementioned flower is no simple task for Ivysaur. To support its weight, Ivysaur’s legs and trunk grow thick and strong. If Ivysaur starts spending more time lying in the sunlight, not only that it helps the nutrient gathering, but it also adds strength to the Ivysaur itself.

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