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Pokemon Gengar | Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Gengar | Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu | Pokemon Lets Go Eevee | Nintendo Switch

Gengar is a Pokémon that cools the area by nearly 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, a Gengar is close by if you feel a sudden chill. You must be careful, because it may be trying to lay a curse on you. On a dark night, sometimes your shadow thrown by a streetlight will suddenly and startlingly overtake you. It is actually a Gengar running past you, pretending to be your shadow and silently waiting for an opportunity to steal your life. Gengar steals its victims’ life by absorbing their heat, and the chill it causes makes the victims shake. You can hear tales told all over the world how Gengar will pay a visit to children who are naughty. So when you meet it, there is no way of escape, just give up. Gengar does this not without any reasons as apparently, this Pokémon wishes for a travelling companion. Since Gengar was once human itself, it tries to create one by taking the lives of other humans. So, be careful because even your house isn’t safe. Gengar will lurk in whatever dark corner of a room it can find and wait for its chance to catch its prey.

The energy of Mega Evolution has awakened Gengar. It can pass through other dimensions and can appear anywhere. Its entire body is brimming with strange power, making it caused a stir one time when it stuck just one leg out of a wall. When Gengar sinks into another dimension, it keeps a patient watch for its chance to attack. Gengar will try to take the lives of anyone and everyone. It will even try to curse the Trainer who is its master! That’s why Gengar’s relationships are warped. This Pokémon has no interest in opponents unless it perceives them as prey.

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