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Pokemon Alakazam | Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Alakazam | Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu | Pokemon Lets Go Eevee | Nintendo Switch

Alakazam's brain continually grows, making its head far too heavy to support with its neck. Alakazam freely uses extra-sensory powers to defeat foes because it does not like physical attacks very much. It uses its abilities to their extremes by closing both of its eyes. Alakazam's IQ is said to be around 5,000. It calculates many aspects in order to gain the edge in every battle. Alakazam also remembers everything, as its brain cells multiply continually until it dies. If Alakazam trusts someone deeply, it will let them have one of its spoons.

Mega Alakazam's power has been entirely converted into psychic energy when it undergoes the Evolution process. Its hidden psychic power has been improved. It sends out psychic power from the red organ on its forehead to foresee its opponents' every move. It's become more adept at precognition. Mega Alakazam's true power has been unleashed as it traded away its muscles.

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