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Pokemon Vulpix | Pokemon HOME | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Vulpix | Pokemon HOME | Nintendo Switch

Vulpix is a Fire type Pokémon. Its weaknesses are Water, Ground and Rock type Pokémon.

Vulpix has 0.6 m height and 9.9 kg weight with possible male or female gender. It belongs to Fox Pokémon category. Its Flash Fire ability powers up the Pokémon’s Fire-type moves if it’s hit by one.

Vulpix’s beautiful tails have made it very popular. However, if it's not brushed diligently, its tail will be tangled and form a ball of fur. This Pokémon manipulates the fireball to catch its prey. If you raise one from when it's young, it will grow close to you like a puppy Pokémon.

Vulpix has 1 other form: Alolan Vulpix. Vulpix evolves into Ninetales.

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