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Pokemon Rhyperior | Pokemon HOME | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Rhyperior | Pokemon HOME | Nintendo Switch

Rhyperior is a Ground and Rock type Pokémon. Its weaknesses are Water, Grass, Ice, Fighting, Ground and Steel type Pokémon.

Rhyperior has 2.4 m height and 282.8 kg weight with possible male or female gender. It belongs to Drill Pokémon category. Its Lightning Rod ability draws in all Electric-type moves, it boosts its Sp. Atk instead of being hit by Electric-type moves. Its Solid Rock ability reduces the power of supereffective attacks taken.

Rhyperior puts rocks in holes in its palms and uses its muscles to shoot them. Geodude are shot at rare times. Its carapace can withstand volcanic eruptions.

Rhyperior doesn’t have any other form. Rhyperior evolved from Rhydon, which evolved from Rhyhorn.

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