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Pokemon Noibat | Pokemon HOME | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Noibat | Pokemon HOME | Nintendo Switch

Noibat is a Flying and Dragon type Pokémon. Its weaknesses are Ice, Rock, Dragon and Fairy type Pokémon.

Noibat has 0.5 m height and 8.0 kg weight with possible male or female gender. It belongs to Sound Wave Pokémon category. Its Frisk ability makes the Pokémon able to check an opposing Pokémon's held item when it enters a battle. Meanwhile its Infiltrator ability passes through the opposing Pokémon's barrier, substitute, and the like and strikes.

Noibat flies around in search of fruit to eat. It uses ultrasonic waves to detect which fruits are ripe. Fruits are its favorite foods. This gourmet carefully picks out just the ripe ones using its sonar.

Noibat doesn’t have any other form. Noibat evolves into Noivern.

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