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Pokemon Archen | Pokemon HOME | Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Archen | Pokemon HOME | Nintendo Switch

Archen is a Rock and Flying type Pokémon. Its weaknesses are Water, Electric, Ice, Rock and Steel type Pokémon.

Archen has 0.5 m height and 9.5 kg weight with possible male or female gender. It belongs to First Bird Pokémon category. Its Defeatist ability halves the Pokémon's Attack and Sp. Atk stats when its HP becomes half or less.

Archen was restored from a fossil, this ancient bird Pokémon has wings but can't yet fly. Once thought to be the ancestor of all bird Pokémon, some of the latest research suggests that may not be the case.

Archen doesn’t have any other form. Archen evolves into Archeops.

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